How to Give an Effective Speech

David Raminfard is a successful business & textile entrepreneur. He is the current President & CEO of KasLen Textiles, a wholesale distributor of fine designer fabrics located in Vernon, California.

At some point in our lives, be it professional or personal, we will all face the challenge of giving a professional speech or presentation. Your initial thought may be fear, and being nervous in front of a crowd. Here are a few tips on how to give an effective and engaging speech without getting too nervous.

  1. Have eye contact. This is probably the most important step in giving a speech in front of a large audience. The last thing you want to be doing is looking down at a piece of paper. This will most definitely lose the attention and interest of your audience and they will get bored fast.
  2. Make a good set of notes you can GLANCE at. This point goes off the first point of showing eye contact. It is important that you jot down bullet points and topics you will go over during your speech. Do not simply read off your entire notes with your eyes down at the paper the entire time!
  3. Look presentable. Dress for the occasion. Do not roll out of bed without fixing or brushing your hair. Wear a nice and tidy outfit that is presentable. For ladies, it might be a good idea to wear just a bit of makeup
  4. Use body language. It is important that you seem engaged and interested in the topic you are giving a speech about. Show sincerity, interest, and engagement in what you are saying. Smile often! No one wants to listen to someone rambling about something that they don’t even seem interested in!
  5. Use humor. Try to include funny anecdotes in your speech in which the audience can laugh at and engage in. These funny stories will definitely grab the attention of your audience! This will add a personal and memorable touch to your speech.

The above tips are just a few ways of giving an effective speech. Good luck on your next one!

David Raminfard, president and CEO of KasLen Textiles, LLC a major distributor of fabrics to the furniture RV & upholstery industries throughout the Western US.